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It can not be overstated. will change the way Consumers
find and Engage Financial Services using Innovative & Disruptive Technology

It’s Time For A Change

If at first glance, you believe we are only a lead generation company for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors, you’d be less than half right.

It’s time for a change in Financial Services and we believe the opportunity is ripe in Insurance and Investment Services. For much too long, the big Insurance Carriers and Wall Street have set the rules and the Consumer stumbles around in the dark, quite unaware but dutifully adhearing to the rules set by these corporate giants nearly 100 years ago.

In 2018, the Consumer is in charge.  Whether it is hailing a car from a willing driver working on their side-hustle or booking a

room through a technology platform that has never built or purchased a property, and all more convenient and far less expensive.  Have you see this kind of change in, for example, the way consumers purchase Life Insurance? No.  These monoliths are so rooted on over 100 years of doing things the way they’ve always been done, it will NOT be and Insurance Carrier, Bank or Investment House that will disrupt this industry.  It will be someone like us, coming from a unique angle and not looking like much of a threat.  However, once we have 1,000 Agents and Advisors as Members, we will have the resources to attack this industry head-on and the result will be nothing short of life-altering for the Consumer, Agent and Advisor alike.  Care to join us as a founding Member?

We’re Completely Focused on the Consumer

I can see how you might be confused.  Everything on this site is about supporting Agents and Advisors grow their business.  Absolutely, we do that.  However, that’s the easy part. The challenge that we are facing full-on is serving consumers and finding where Insurance Companies, Banks and Investment Firms are dropping the ball.  Any time a 100+ year old company gets satisfied with how things “are”, that industry is a prime target for innovation and disruption.

We’re not here to divulge our “Consumer” plan, or at least not until it’s necessary. Suffice it to say, as we build a company that is small, nimble, innovative and hungry and that exists with a Mission to serve the consumer’s Insurance and Investment needs with new 


Online Options that are more efficient and less expensive, I guarantee that our MEMBER Agents and Advisors will see an ever increasing windfall of opportunities to serve and grow, just because of their association and MEMBERSHIP in InboundEngine.

Who’s Going to do it, Big Insurance?

Insurance Companies and Investment Firms are mostly behemoths that move slow, rarely adapt to new consumer needs and almost never innovate.  Their bureaucracy and Red Tape holds them back from ever executing on the rapidly changing demands of the new consumer.

Again, without divulging too much yet, I want you to consider Uber.  They took over the taxi business without ever buying a fleet of cars.  Using technology, they simply (for a very small fee) served two complimentary groups of people – Those who have a car and would love some extra cash, and those who don’t have a car and need a ride.  Use technology to introduce one to the other and they will do a better job of serving each other than any employee would ever do.

We believe there is a very similar opportunity in Insurance and Investing.  There are currently 1.2 million Financial Services Professional in the United States. We believe that as we approach this opportunity with a 100% focus on the consumer and innovate with efficiencies, lower costs, new methods of communicating and completing the horrendous application process, we can also use technology to connect the Consumer to the Agent/Advisor and beat the pants off of the way the big Carriers are doing it today.  

Would You Like to Join US

At present, we’re not yet looking for a huge investment from a Venture Capital Firm.  We realize that we’re not there yet.  After a full, documented proof of concept, we’ll begin seeking an A Round.

For now, we are looking for “Micro-Investment”.  For our purposes, a Micro-Investment would only come from Agents or Advisors.  They meet with us and get an understanding of what we are up to and they see where they could be in a year or two by partnering with us – in other words, the lightbuld goes on.  Invest via a monthly membership into our 2 InboundEngine Memberships.  Understanding that everything is not at 100% just yet, but the Agent and Advisor agrees to a monthly membership fee for which they receive over 30 immediate business growth systems and tools 


we’ve created.  By coming in early and making a small payment to a company still considered a “Startup”, that agent or advisor gets a premium position once we roll out the Consumer Brand and strike up innovative new relationships to offer better, faster and less expensive Financial Services.

Please Contact the Administration team or McSwain Fowler to get a Roadmap of where we have been, where we are and where we are going.  Then, we can have a discussion to see if there is a mutual fit based on similar philosophies along with a deep desire to make things easier and less costly for the Consumer so they can keep and SECURE the money they worked so very hard to save.

Join Us


Please let us know if you are interested to learn more about what we are up to.  If you are an Agent or Advisor, we’d love the chance to talk to you.  We will not be able to scale and make the sweeping changes we’d like to make until we have a National Network of Affiliate Agents and Advisors.  As well, your membership fee certainly goes toward all of the Technology Tools and Marketing we cover on the Home Page, however, a portion of your Membership Dues will go toward building out our Non-Profit Consumer Resource.  We’re looking at needing approximately 100 Agents and Advisors as Members to accomplish our Mission and put you on the forefront of an Industry Revolution!!

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