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LinkedIn Sales Navigator & Lead Generation
Building Your Business on Relationships

  • Complete Done-For-You Lead Generation Platform

  • 200+ New Leads Added to your Network Every Month

  • We Send up to 3 Custom Messages to Your Target Audience

  • Build Your Private Business Networking Group on LinkedIn

  • We Post Original Content on LinkedIn for you Every Week so You’re more Visible

  • Start Seeing New Leads in Less than 30 Days

Meet Your New Prospecting Team...
LinkedIn and Microsoft!

The Internet and LinkedIn have changed the sales and marketing game. Online technologies can make your life easier if you know how to take advantage of these tools.

Every prospect you could ever want is as close as your LinkedIn Account.  The challenge for most is that making all of the Connections, sending Messages and engaging with Articles and Groups is just too time-consuming.

That's why we created Inbound LinkedIn Engine.  This is our go-to platform for new clients where, for one simple, low monthly membership, you can access new opportunities, every day, right from your inbox

We Start by Listening

Before we start Connecting, we host a Kickoff Meeting so we can understand your market and message (aka, your Value Proposition).

We Listen to pinpoint your perfect target market. Who is your prospect and why?  We talk about Branding and we clarify your Message and Value Proposition. Your Message is the story of your brand... why you exist and why someone would want to choose you and not your competition.  The answers we get in this meeting are what set us up for long-term success.

Let's Connect

Add 200+ Leads to Your Network Every Month.  Once we understand the prospects you're looking to engage, we reach out and ask them to Connect on LinkedIn.  We connect with those who meet your qualifications as well as influencers in your area and grow your LinkedIn Connections by 200+ New Leads every month.

As we build your network, your opportunities will grow.  You'll build a base of prospects as well as potential Networking Partners and Referral Partners. As your Connections grow, so does your Influence and Opportunities.

Shake Hands and Introduce Yourself

We Send up to 3 Custom Messages so You're in touch with More Qualified Opportunities. 

All current research shows it takes 7 "touch points" (contacts) before a prospect will engage with you.  That's why we have copywriters on staff who specialize in writing the perfect messages to send to your Connections to get them in a dialogue and ultimately in an appointment with you.

To increase your odds of success, we can even move your new leads over into your Hosted Lead & Opportunity Management System and continue to Nurture that lead with our Email Campaigns.

Check Your Inbox. Someone is Looking for You!

Now, all of our hard work starts to pay off with New Appointments and Opportunities.

We will have sent out up to 3 custom messages that we designed together.  Each serves a purpose from Introduction to Call to Action.  You simply check your LinkedIn Inbox and when you see a reply accepting your suggestion for an appointment, respond with a confirmation and you are on your way. Meet with 10, 15 or even 20 new prospects every month.

"Social media marketing just doesn't work for my business"

We hear this everyday when we talk to Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors.  After 5 years of trial and error, we figured out exactly why this happens. Request the Report below that exposes the truth about how online marketing companies take advantage of customers who don't understand how digital marketing works!

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